Due to Coronavirus we may have to change or adapt some of what we do. Please email us with as many details of your event or party as you can. We'll get right back to you and tell you what we can do to make your party or event be the best it can be.


If you've found your way to this webpage you've probably got a school full of children, a scout or brownie event, a children's holiday camp or a large amount of children you want entertained.

And breathe!
You've just found your answer.

For many years GIZMO (Allin Kempthorne) has been entertaining at children's events large and small, from birthday parties and holiday parks to fun days and community events and many, many shows in schools, scout and brownie jamborees, youth groups and events for children of all ages.

Whether you're after a thrilling and exciting magic show perfect for your groups age range, or a walkabout entertainer to be part of your fun day or event, or a circus skills class with a full range of circus equipment, drop us an email and get in touch!


Allin has very different shows for different age groups, and with several thousand shows behind him is an expert in pitching the age group just right. So whether your children are toddlers, tearaways or teens, or a mixture of the lot, he will perform the perfect stage show to thrill, entertain, excite, astound and above all involve them all!

For younger children he performs the lively and exciting GIZMO'S MARVELOUS MAGIC SHOW, a fast paced and silly show of rioutous comedy, amazing magic, and hilarious audience participation.

Older children and teenagers want something more grown up, so for them he is the more complex and amazing THORN, SHARP MAGICIAN, with magic that will mystify and amaze.

Few magicians are as adept at handling different age groups as well as this. It's through years of experience at school shows, theme parks, holiday parks tourist attractions and private parties that Allin Kempthorne has developed these skills.

Lively and crazy
children's magic shows

For enquiries email gizmo@gizmoparties.co.uk

Captivating magic shows
for teenagers and family audiences

For enquiries email info@magicandmadness.co.uk


A circus skills workshop is educational, fun and one of the best children's activities you could choose to keep a crowd of children fully entertained, totally happy and physically active too.

With a wide range of circus equipment for children to play with, learn and enjoy, there really is something here for everyone to have active and creative fun with. We cater to all experiences from complete beginners to advanced jugglers who want to enhance their skills, and for all ages from 4 up to adult.

Our circus teacher Gizmo (Allin Kempthorne) was himself trained at circus school, so knows how to teach and instruct children and people of all ages in circus skills. He observed that many other circus skills workshops just concentrate on a small number of juggling skills, so he put his 20 years knowledge and experience as a circus entertainer into creating a wide ranging mix of equipment and activities to encourage every child to enjoy having a go at whatever takes their individual tastes in a safe, happy, active and encouraging environment.

He constantly updates his circus equipment to be able to offer circus school workshops and play sessions from small birthday parties in your garden at home up to large festivals and events with 100 children at a time.

For more details see our circus workshop page.


If you're organizing a fun day, open day or large plan event, we're ideal walkabout performer, mixing and mingling with your crowds, juggling, balloon modelling, performing magic and spreading laughter and excitement wherever we go.
Here's a few things we can do for you.

Wizzall the Wizzard

A magical walkabout character enchanting the crowds with magic tricks

The Mad Hatter

A lively walkabout character performing magic and juggling

Quickie Street Shows

Performing mobile short "quickie" street shows of magic and juggling as he strolls around your event

The Potty Pirates

Lively walkabout comedy pirate characters

Baron Blood
The Vampire Magician

A wonderfully captivating character for Halloween or Haunted events

Walkabout Balloon Modellers

A major crowdbuilder filling your event with colour creating marvelous balloon models

Walkabout Magician

A lively walkabout magician performing amazing magic tricks for children and family audiences

Street Juggler

Lively street juggler shows and walkabouts


Tell us about your event, fun day or party, including where it will, what date and if possible a rough idea of audience numbers. Then we'll get right back to you with our availability and a price.