You probably know him as popular children's party entertainer GIZMO, but Allin Kempthorne is also a busy actor with an enormous number of television, film and theatre appearances to his name, especially in the fields of comedy and childrens television.
(Go on, admit it. You thought he looked familiar, didn't you?).

Of course being both an actor and a magician means he's constantly asked to use his magic, juggling, mime and circus skills in TV shows and feature films. In fact Allin Kempthorne has featured in an enormous amount of films and television programs ranging from Dr Who and Eastenders to the Basil Brush Show, Blue Peter and even Britain's Got Talent.

Here's a few of the places you may have seen him in film, TV and theatre:


Performing on "Britain's Got Talent"

That's him behind Basil Brush on "The Basil Brush Show"

Playing a party clown on "Eastenders"

Playing a Mime Artist in the BBC soap "Doctors"

He's the white street statue in this behind-the-scenes shot from "Doctor Who"

Appearing as a robot on "Blue Peter"

Playing a street juggler in BBC's "Hustle"

As a comedy sailor on London Live

Wigged up in "The Dik and Dom Show"

As a patient in "Casualty"

Playing Bono from U2 on "John Bishop's Britain"

In the BBC3 comedy "People Just Do Nothing"

Behind the scenes of "Great Expectations"


Playing a TV salesman on a promo for Sky Sports

Presenting a series of commercials for the AA

Playing a bear in a beer commercial

Local News

Performing magic tricks for the local TV news

As a comedy sailor from the Titanic on "London Live TV"

In a news feature about "Britain's Got Talent"


As a journalist in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

Starring in the comedy film "The Vampires of Bloody Island"

Playing Cripple Wa in "Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic"

Playing a children's entertainer in the Rowan Atkinson film "Johnny English"

In the film "Cookcroft and Son"

Playing a mime artist in "The Metro Man"

As a Lillipution soldier "Gullivers Travels"

Playing The Magician in "The Ipanema File"

In the 1998 film "Shakespeare in Love"


As funny man Eddie Twist in "Twisted Britain"

The presenter of the mini-series "The First Stars of Vaudeville"

Presenting an award ceremony


Playing the villian Captain Blood in the Panto "Dick Whittington"

As Magician Marvin Acme in the London stage production of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

Most of the time though he's GIZMO, a top children's entertainer with rather more expertise, training and experience than your average children's party entertainer.

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