Interactive live shows, games and parties for online children's groups

If you have an online school or any organisation that uses Zoom, or a family with members spread over different towns or even countries, you can all get together for a fun party or magic show hosted by Gizmo on Zoom.

GIZMO offers a fantastic range of online interactive entertainment for children whether one-on-one entertainment for your child, some magic, fun and storytelling for a handful of children joining on their computers from home, a full birthday party experience for your child with their friends on-line, a big interactive and lively magic show for a school, Scout or Girl Guides group, or an enormous gathering of family and friends from anywhere in the world.

GIZMO will facilitate and orchestrate it all so your children will have a wonderful time!

Any number of family and friends can get together from the comfort and safety of their own homes. They just need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a built-in camera and we can all see and hear each other in a lively and exciting children's party hosted by Gizmo.


There are many types of interactive online shows and entertainment we can offer you. Whether you're after a full birthday party experience for a whole classroom of friends, a get together with some fun and crazy games for far distant family, or simply a fun storytelling session for your child before they go to bed, we can deliver just what you're after.

Take a look at some of our options below. If you have an idea for something not listed do let us know. We're very flexible and happy to see what we can do for you.


Be part of the magic! Member of the Magic Circler and award winning magician Gizmo performs amazing and lively magic tricks perfectly suited to performing online with masses of interaction and help from everyone watching.

Gizmo has different versions of his magic show to suit different age groups and audience sizes so that everybody gets a turn in joining in with some very special magic.

So whether you want a one-on-one magic show for a five year old, a show for a class of 7 year olds or a show for your mixed-age extended family across several households, GIZMO has an exciting and involving magic show for you to be part of.


If you thought your child couldn't have a birthday party because their friends are scattered far and wide, we've got good news. No child should go without a birthday party, so it can all happen online.

We keep all the usual aspects of a children's party - the chance to see their friends and play games together, take part in a magic show together and all join in to sing happy birthday, and we put them all into a fun and lively interactive on-line expereience. The children can all see and talk to each other, and the whole thing is held together and run by experienced children's entertainer GIZMO.

Book your child's online party and let them celebrate with their friends.


Crazy swashbuckling pirate fun with our pirate themed shows and parties, with magic shows, pirate dances, and lively games for everyone to play along. Have a pirate puppet show for the younger children or a pirate magic show or treasure hunt for the older kids.

and personally recorded videos from Santa

For your live interactive Christmas entertainment on Zoom or personally redorded videos from Santa you need to head over to our special Christmas Zoom entertainment website Santa's Hotline.


Is your child crazy about dinosaurs? Would they like to meet a real dinosaur expert and have lots of dinosaur fun and games? Then GIZMO's Virtual interactive dinosaur show is the one for you.

Joined by his puppet baby dinosaur Gizmo will lead the entertainment through a dinosaur show with games, surprises and a lot of fun.

Give your child a dino-treat. It's dino-tastic!


This is the perfect Zoom magic show and virtual party for you If your child is a Harry Potter fan, crazy about wizards or loves the magic and fantasy of the wizarding world.

Wizzall the Wizard performs breathtaking magic and fun and exciting wizarding games that will keep everyone involved, enterytained and thrilled by the wizarding magic.


If you're looking for Zoom entertainment for Christmas head on over to our dedicated Christmas Zoom website at

For all other Zoom entertainments send us an email with details of what you're looking for and we'll get right back to you with full details, options and prices.